Would you like to tell her that you cannot be without her and you would like to marry her? We are sure that she will be absolutely happy and you will not bemoan! There is maybe little problem – time and ideas. Your proposal day should be really perfect and interesting. Do you have any good idea? Do you know place, where you will ask her and situation, in which you will do that? If you don´t know, we can help you in few seconds. We have two pre-arrange packages that you can only choose and we will realize it in term that you will want. Or you can have your own idea, which we can assure.

The best idea

We think that it is the most important to have really good idea. We can help you with place, with decoration, music, food and lots of things, but there is the only one that you must to do – you must buy a ring that will be the best for her and that she will love. Don´t hesitate and make an appointment with us, we are here for you every day and your wish is here on the first place, try Prague proposal. Don´t be afraid of price, we can assure very nice price in presidential apartment, but also under the Prague Castle, you will not bemoan.